Friday, July 5, 2019

Computer Fundamental

A computer is an electronic machine(devices) that accepts the data & instructions from the user then process the data according to the given set of instruction, stores & gives the result. In one word, any electronic machines that can perform Input & Output (I/O) cycle is known as computer.Main Components of Computer System:-

1. Input  & Input devices.
Input is a raw data, Instruction & additional numbers, Images, audio, video, etc given to the computer to produce the result. Keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc are input devices which are used to send input to the computer.

2. Output & Output devices.
Output is the final data given by the computer after data processing. It is also called result. We can save the result for our future reference. Monitor, Printer, Speaker, etc are output devices which provides us output is you provide input.

3. Processor
Processor is a action takes on data as per given instruction. It is totally inner process of the computer system.

4. Storage
Computer can store a huge amount of data for the future use in auxiliary device like hard disk, pen drive, memory cards, etc. There are two types of memory on computer.
i. Primary memory (main memory)= RAM, ROM, Cache memory, Flash Memory.
ii. Secondary memory (external memory) = Pen drives, Memory cards, CDs, etc.

Computer Software
Computer Software is a collection of programs & related data that provides the instruction for telling a computer What to do?, When to do?, & how to do it?
Software performs the functions of program it implements either by directly providing instruction to the computer hardware or by sending as input to another piece of software. For example:- Windows XP, Photo Shop, Windows 7, etc.
Software is a instruction which we can’t touch & see.

Computer hardware
Computer hardware is a physical component of computer system which we can touch & see. There are different types of hardware in computer system such as input hardware, output hardware, memory hardware & processor. Examples:- Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, CPU, etc.
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