Saturday, July 6, 2019

Do you need raspberry pi ?

Raspberry pi can be defined as a portable computer. Raspberry pi contains all basic components as in PersonalComputer. Although all basic input device components are available but we need to add external output devices. you can customize Raspberry Pi according to your need. Except High end Gaming normal tasks we perform on a computer can be done easily using Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi can be used for various projects. Processors used in Raspberry Pi can be equivalent to smart phone’s processor but they are launching new updated versions which will be more powerful. It is very useful for programmers who use C,C++,python, etc programming language. 

Basic Components in Raspberry Pi

  • USB Power 5V, 700mA = For power supply
  • USB port = For Keyboard, mouse, etc
  • HDMI port = For Video output
  • SD Card slot = For Storage device(class 10 SD card)
  • RJ-45 Ethernet port = For Internet connection/Networking
  • Analog Audio = For Audio Output
  • RCA = For video output in TV which only support RCA
  • RAM already installed
Uses of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has its own official OS called Raspbian but it can run other OS likes Linux & Windows 10 lot Core too. Those who know programming can start creating their own project using Raspberry Pi. You can visit Raspberry Pi official website to buy this product.

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