Friday, July 5, 2019

Have you tried this in VLC Media Player ?

We can download YouTube videos, record our computer screen, Play RAR files & many more using VLC media player.

1. Download YouTube videos using VLC media player.
There are many software & website for downloading YouTube videos but you may not know that you can easily download YouTube videos using VLC media player.
Step to download YouTube video using VLC media player.
  • First of all copy the link of video that you want to download from YouTube.
  • Now open your VLC media player click on media option in Menu & select Open Network Stream.
  • Now paste the URL of Video you want to download from YouTube & click on play button.
  • That video will start playing on VLC media player. Now got to tools option on main menu & select Media information, New Current Media Information window will be opened.
  • We will see all information of that video in that window. Now copy the URL given inside the Location box.
  • Now open new tab in your browser, paste the URL and press Enter.
  • Now this video will be played on your browser. Right click on that video and select Save Video As option.

2. Record your Computer Screen Using VLC media player.
You might not know that we can record our computer screen using VLC media player. If you already know then skip this but if you don’t know keep reading this will be very helpful.
Steps to record your computer screen using VLC media player.
  • Click on Media option in Main menu & click on Convert/Save option.
  • In this window click on Capture Device tab. Now set Desktop on the Capture mode box.
  • Type 15.00f/s in the “Desired frame rate for the capture” then click on Convert/Save button.
  • New Convert window will open. Don’t change the source screen:\\ leave it as it is.
  • Now in profile select Video-MPEG-4+AAC (MP4) & choose the destination path.
  • After that click Start.
  • Now your activity you do on your computer will be recorded until you pressed Stop playback button.
  • After you finished recording your recorded video will be saved in that location where you have set to save that file.

3. Record movie/video in VLC media player.
You can easily record parts or whole video while playing just click View in the Menu & select Advanced control option. New recording or capturing button will appear on your VLC media player. After Enabling the recording option this will only work when you play movies/video in VLC media player.

4. Play RAR files/ Compressed files directly.
This is also one of the interesting feature in VLC media player. In VLC media player we can play RAR files directly without extracting the file. We can play compressed files without decompressing that file.

5. Convert Video into .mp3
For this i have already written a post before describing the steps to convert Video into .mp3 using VLC media player. This is the link for that post. Make sure you check that post too.

There are many features that i haven't used yet. If i find some thing useful features like this i will update in this post.
Download Latest Version from VLC Media Player's Official website.
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