Saturday, July 6, 2019

How Cookies may harm your privacy?

HTTP cookie/web cookie/Internet cookie/browser cookie/simply cookie. Cookie are files those are store in cache memory of Internet browser. Whenever you visit any cookies enabled website through any browsers, at that time cookies takes your information and send it to the website. So, whenever you visit that website next time they will show you recommended items. Cookies help to find what you are looking for. Cookies work the way you interact with that website. If you are using booking website at that time some popup message will show you some recommendations this is due to help of cookies. Cookies stores all data about the user like time of visit, what user viewed, What user ordered, Emails, saved passwords & other sensitive information.

How Cookies may harm your privacy?
If any website implant cookie on your computer then your privacy can be stolen. Cookies are not in encrypted form. It means some 3rdparty websites cookies can steal your login sessions, Credit card numbers, & other personal information.

How to get rid of unwanted Cookies?
You can Disable Cookies option in your browser’s setting. You can either Disable all cookies or Disable 3rdparty cookies only. Disabling all cookies is best choice for those who doesn’t want to share their information.
Cookies are good in some cases & bad in some cases. So, if you are visiting normal trusted websites then you can enable cookies but if you are using 3rd party websites then block cookies. If we follow these things then we can make our digital life even more safe.
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