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LAN,MAN,WAN Computer Network

Computer network is an interconnected collection of two or more computers that are linked together with or without wire so, that they can communicate with each other. Here are two types of computer network 1. Based on working principle/Architecture (client server network & peer to peer network) & 2. Based on geographical area (LAN. MAN, WAN). Let’s begin,

1. Based on Working Principle/Architecture.
It describes the relationship between two or more multiple computer based on their working principle. Network architecture can be classified as:-

A. Client Server Network
It is relationship between two computer in which one computer make a server request another computer called a server which fulfills client request. A computer with higher processing capability and large storage capability’s made a server.
-Centralized Control
-Important Security
-Scalable network

B. Peer to peer network
A peer to peer network is the type of network in which every node can act both a client & a server. Each node share it‘s resource (data) with other node in the network. Each generally keep it application on its own hard disk so, each computer is totally independent .
-Simple cabling
-Cover small area
-No extra investment in server.
-If one node fails entire network shutdown.
-It is less secure.

2. Based on geographical area.
Based on geographical area computer network can be classified as;-

LAN is the local area network covering a small area like a home, office or group of building, school, etc. It provide higher data transfer rate in small geographical range.
-This is cheaper than buying a printer for every workstation.
-Workstations can share the data & software resources.
-User can communicate with each other in a cheaper rate.
-Special security measures are needed.
-If the server fails, all the user are affected.

Metropolitan Area Network is a large computer network usually spanning a city. Wireless infrastructure or optical filter are used to link the different stations.
A MAN is used for a large geographical area the LAN ranging for several blocks of building to the entire city, They provides means for inter networking LAN’s. A MAN might be used & operate byan organization like a telephone company.
-Cover large geographical area compared to LAN.
-Share different types of resource with workstations.
-Workstations in different location communicates with each other.
-MAN is expensive compared to LAN.
-Need a good security measures to prevent out-side from entering the Network.

Wide Area Network is a network that covers the largest geographical area. Typically a WAN consists of several of LAN’s. Computer connected to WAN are often connected through public network Such as telephone system. They can also be connected through satellite.
-Covers a largest geographical area.
-Share resource with connecting workstations.
-User can communicate with each other in a cheaper rate.

-WAN is very expensive and generally slow.
-Need Good security measures to restrict out-side from entering the network.
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