Friday, July 5, 2019

Video into .mp3 using VLC media player

VLC media player is one of the popular Media player. VLC uses it’s internal codecs, works on essentially every platform, and can read almost all files, CDs, DVDs, network streams, capture cards & other media formats. Here I have provided some steps to convert Video file into .mp3 (Audio) using VLC media player. Let’s begin,

Steps to convert video file into Audio (.mp3) in VLV media player :
  • Click on the Media inside Top Main menu & select convert/save option.
  • In file tab you can see Add button click on that button.
  • Now, select the video file you want to convert and click open
  • Destination Path and title of video that you want to convert will be visible there on the list, 
  • Now, select click on convert/save option.
  • Now. another convert window will be opened. First choose the Audio-MP3 on the profile selector.
  • Now, choose the destination path click on browse button.
  • New. Save file windows will be opened. Now change the file name according to your choice, don’t forget to type .mp3 on the last of your file name like (example.mp3).
  • Now, set Save as type to All & click Save.
  • Your video file will start converting into .mp3 (Audio) file in background. Don’t exit or close VLC media player while you are converting files.
  • After converting file go to the destination path of that converted file and enjoy.

Following this steps you can convert video into audio. Plus you can convert HD video into mobile supported format.
Download Latest Version from VLC Media Player's Official website.
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